The Wedding Cake

I have some exciting news to share!

When I was home over Christmas my good friend Denise who is getting married later this year asked if I would make her wedding cake! It’s such an honor to be asked to make the cake so I’m really excited but also a bit nervous too! I made my first wedding cake last year so I thought it would be nice to share some pictures of that before I start researching ideas for my next one. So I really was quite nervous about making my first wedding cake (although I had enthusiastically offered to make it!) mainly because I had to bake it the night before the wedding (after a long day at work!) as it was a sponge cake and I wanted it to be as fresh as possible. I also had to transport the cake (along with loooads of cupcakes) on my own on the London Underground! We agreed on a cake and cupcake combo decorated with vanilla buttercream rose swirls. Overall I was pleased with how it came out, but of course there are loads of things I learned along the way that will help me when I make the next one. The first one that springs to mind is you can never have enough butter on standby in the fridge! Elaine and Ed the lovely bride and groom seemed pleased with the cake so that is the main thing!


wedding cake

wedding cake

The happy cupcake

I couldn’t finish the post with out a pic of the happy couple Elaine and Ed 🙂

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Until next time!

M x

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