Velvet Beetroot Cakes

I’m really proud of this recipe that I’m sharing today, these cupcakes got such a positive reaction from my work colleagues! I wanted to create something that would fall in with all the excitement leading up to Valentines Day

(also known by my boyfriend and I as Fake Day of Love!) I decided that red velvet cupcakes would be the perfect treat. When I was setting out to create the recipe I want the cupcakes to be really tasty, moist and red. I think I delivered well on my aims of tastyness and moistness, unfortunately colour wise not so much, although the batter was a red-pink colour, the baked cupcakes are actually more brown than red! When you taste them you won’t mind I promise 🙂 As you may have guessed from the name Velvet Beetroot Cakes, there is indeed another ingredient. I have read about the benefits of using different veg in baking before, and of course we are all familiar with the yummy taste of carrot cake, but this was my first time using beetroot in baking. It certainly won’t be my last! After tasting the difference the beetroot made to these cakes I am definitely planning to develop more recipes with this wonder ingredient!

So enough rambling here is what you will need…


Velvet Beetroot Cakes Ingredients

(makes about 16)

180g plain flour

180g caster sugar

200mls sunflower oil

2 eggs

130mls buttermilk

1 & half tablespoons cocoa powder

3 quarters of a teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 & half teaspoons baking soda

2 teaspoons cider vinegar

170g cooked beetroot finely grated (I bought the vac packed ones)

Cream Cheese and Butter Cream Icing Ingredients

100g cream cheese (I used Philadelphia)

100g unsalted butter at room temperature

300g icing sugar


Preheat your oven to 160°C (fan oven, increase to about 180°C for a conventional oven) Add the sugar and eggs into a large mixing bowl and whisk together wishing a hand whisk or stand mixer. Add in the vanilla extract and combine. Next slowly add in the sunflower oil, continuing to whisk the mixture through out this stage. In a separate bowl sieve and mix the flour, salt and cocoa powder. Add about a third of the buttermilk to the large mixing bowl and combine with the eggy/sugary mix already in the bowl. Next add one third of the flour mix and combine. Continue this alternation of buttermilk and flour until they are all combined. Next add the grated beetroot and its juices to the mixture and combine, this will give the batter in a wonderful pinky red colour. Finally, at the edge of the bowl add in the baking soda, next pour the cider vinegar on top of it, it will fizzle and froth up, on a slow setting which this into the batter, once combined increase the speed and whisk on high for another minute. Line your muffin tin with bun cases and using an icecream scoop of you have one, fill each bun case up to about 4 fifths of the way. Pop into the oven for between 18-20 minutes (time may vary depending on your oven) to double-check that they are ready you can stick a metal skewer in, if it comes out ‘clean’ the buns are ready! Pop on a wire rack to cool.

To make the icing pop the butter in into a bowl and whisk for a few moment on high-speed, next add the cream cheese and combine. Add the icing sugar bit by bit (sieving as you go), to prevent the sugar going all over the place I sometimes mix the sugar in a with the mixer off for a minute and then fire it up to full speed, repeating this process as I add the icing sugar bit by bit until you have a delicious and smooth icing.

Once the beetroot cakes are fully cooled you can ice them up. I used a Wilton 2D nozzle  to create a nice swirl icing.

I hope you will try these out and would love to see some pictures if so, tag any snaps with the #bakemystyle hashtag.

Happy baking and have a great weekend!

M x

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