Twister Shoes

When I saw these twister shoes in the Asos magazine a few months ago I knew that it was shoe-love at first sight. Unfortunately lots of other people seemed to have experienced the same emotion and the shoes sold out straight away. But I get quite determined when my heart is set on something and multiple daily return visits to ensued to check if anyone had returned a pair. My persistence paid off and I snapped up a pair eagerly when my size came back into stock. Now I must admit that with a rather high heel these are not the most practical of shoes (let’s face it, dream shoes never are) but what they lack in the practicality stakes they make up for in the fun factor. Actual Twister heels – come on!? Who isn’t immediately brought back to their childhood and those times when some pretty tough decisions had to be made…. Twister or Brunch?? Or maybe even a Maxi Twist? I did like Twisters, alas my enthusiasm waned once I had eaten the swirly ice-cream exterior. I opted for a Brunch more often instead!


At home Twisters are branded HB (Hazelbrook Farm) but in the UK the brand is known as Walls and to celebrate summer they launched a pop up shop in King’s Cross Station, I popped in on the last day as I had spotted the giant Twister and I thought it would be a good setting to shoot. I had planned to go early in the morning to avoid the crowds, alas I couldn’t quite convince my boyfriend who was taking the pictures to join me for the early start so a busy Sunday afternoon had to suffice instead.



image2xxlWhen developing the recipe to go with this Bake My Style project I was inspired by the Meringue Girls and their delicious meringue kisses. You may have seen on my snapchat (bakemystyle) that I got their new book Everything Sweet. The meringue kisses are so light and marshmallowy in the middle! Keep an eye on the website and my Instagram and Snapchat for more details soon.

Hope you had a good start to the week x

M x

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