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So after months (and months!) of talking about donating my hair, I finally went for the big chop last week. I must admit I was quite nervous about it as I have had long hair for ages and I didn’t really like my hair cut when I cut it up to shoulder length a few years ago. It might sound a bit silly but as a redhead my hair is very much a part of my identity so I was a bit nervous about the cut for that reason too! However, it had been two years since I had been near a scissors and it was becoming so unmanageable – I would dread washing and drying it as the task would take over my evening!!

When I was planning my trip to Cork I realised I would have a few free hours in the city before my flight back to London – so why not pencil in a cut to pass the time! I had heard of the Rapunzel Foundation before and a quick visit to their website helped me locate registered hairdressers in Cork city. The Rapunzel foundation is a charity that helps kids and teenagers who need wigs so it is a really good cause. If you go to a hairdresser that is registered with Rapunzel they will cut your hair for free and take care of sending off your tail which is very handy.

Here is a picture taken a few days before the chop to give you an idea of how long my hair was…


Now as you will be aware I have quite the sweet tooth so you wont be surprised to hear that I made a pitstop for some waffles before going to the hairdressers! Scoozzi’s is a very popular cafe/restaurant in Cork and I have to say the waffles were probably the best I have tasted, so light – like clouds of carbilious wonder! The waffles were seved with cream, maple syrup and mixed berries –  the perfect way to settle my pre-chop nerves! I would love to get a waffle maker but I honestly don’t think I would be able to control my self and I would end up eating waffles for breakfast, lunch and dinner!


Anyways, onwards to the big chop I went in a waffley haze of joy. Orla at The Hair Bar on Cook Street looked after me. 14 inches is the minimum amount to donate and I estimated that my hair would sit a couple of inches below my shoulders after the cut. Unfortunately my estimate was a bit optimistic! The hair must be donated in a ponytail and therefore must be cut in a tail which leaves you with rather uneven hair afterwards! By the time it was all straightened out my hair was quite shorter than I thought it would be!!! However Orla gave my a really good cut and added in a few layers so I was very happy with my new look.


My head felt so light afterwards, it was literally a weight off my shoulders! And last night I washed it and it dried naturally – something unheard of previously. It’s nice to have a change too as I am starting a new job next week so it feels like a new start all round… next step new wardrobe? Roll on payday! 🙂

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