Equality Cookies

If you are reading this in Ireland you will of course be aware of the marriage equality referendum that is happening today. I really really wish I was among the thousands of emigrants that have returned to Ireland to cast a yes vote but alas I am sitting here in my kitchen in London. I’ve made some equality cookies to show my support from across …

Clodagh’s Irish Kitchen Pop Up

Last night I went to the Clodagh McKenna pop up restaurant in Selfridge’s. What a fantastic evening of wonderful Irish food and flavours! There was such a pretty table setting awaiting me with wild flowers, the menu for the evening and the cutest mini loaf of rosemary and wild garlic Irish bread, yum!

Birthday Cake… with sprinkles!

How pretty are these confetti sprinkles?! I love them so much that I keep the container on my desk! They took centre stage in the cake that I made on Friday for my friend Elaine’s birthday. It’s a really straight forward cake to make and you can make it your own by adding some different flavours such as vanilla or lemon if you wish.

Dinner Party Details

If you follow me on snapchat (my username is bakemystyle, check it out! 🙂 ) you may have noticed that I had a super busy day on Tuesday prepping for a dinner party. I’m part of a Come Dine With Me group with some friends from work and Tuesday was the first night of a new round of dinners.

Blueberry Crumble Muffins

I’m back to baking after over a months break and it’s good to be back with a whisk in my hand again! Its the time of year when blueberries are on special offer in the shops so I thought it was a good time to share a recipe that I developed last year. I especially love the crumble topping on these muffins, they are quite moreish …