Meringue Kisses – with a twist(er)

  The minute I purchased my Twister heeled shoes – more info here – I knew that I would use them for some baking inspiration! The research began in earnest and for the past month or so I have been under the illusion that the green part of a Twister ice-cream is pear flavored. It seems that I was ill-informed, it’s actually lemon and lime …

Twister Shoes

When I saw these twister shoes in the Asos magazine a few months ago I knew that it was shoe-love at first sight. Unfortunately lots of other people seemed to have experienced the same emotion and the shoes sold out straight away.

Raspberry and Pistachio Eclairs

I have very fond memories of éclairs from my childhood. There was a tea and cake shop called ‘The Cafe’ in town, where Miss Courtney’s Tearooms is now for anyone familiar with Killarney. During the summer holidays I used go there with my Mom and our neighbour Hannah after we had finished our shopping (Thursday was always shopping day!) We would order a stand full of all sorts …

Sophia Webster Shoes

  Did everyone watch The Great British Bake Off on Wednesday? Naturally I was glued to the TV screen!!! It’s great to see so many people excited that the show is back – it was one of the main topics of conversation in work on Thursday morning. Hopefully the new series will encourage even more people to pick up a whisk and bake something sweet …

Banoffee Pie

If you’re a major Great British Bake Off fan like me then you are experiencing a wide range of positive emotions – excitement, joy and generally extra smiliness! I really do love it, it makes me so happy to watch it! Roll on 8pm! With the bake off back tonight I thought it apt to share my latest recipe with you today.

Monki Socks

It’s been an eventful few months for me personally and professionally with a big decision made to start a ne job in a new company. Without sounding too airy fairy sometimes the universe helps you out to fulfill your dreams and ambitions – it happened a couple of years ago when I won some money in a scratch card