Mother’s Day Treats – Baileys Truffle Centred Cupcakes

We are approaching that day of the year where we make an extra special effort to show appreciation for our Mom’s and Nana’s, and I have come up with the perfect treat for the occasion! I occasionally enjoy a tipple of Baileys with my Mom so I thought it would be the perfect flavour for some cupcakes! It’s also St. Patrick’s Day two days later so this Irish ingredient is particularly appropriate! These cupcakes are going to be even more special and indulgent with a handmade Baileys flavoured chocolate truffle centre. If you don’t have enough time you can always just make the truffles and pop them in a cute box as a gift.



Baileys Truffle Centred Cupcakes ingredients

For the Chocolate Truffles…

150g Dark Chocolate (min 70% cocoa solids)

150mls Double cream

3 teaspoons of Baileys Irish Cream

30g butter

For the Cupcakes...

100g soft unsalted butter

135g plain flour

150g caster sugar

20g cocoa

2 large eggs

3 tablespoons of milk

1 and a half teaspoons of baking powder

For the Baileys buttercream icing…

150g softened unsalted butter

300g Icing Sugar

2 tablespoons of Baileys Irish Cream


First make the chocolate truffle mix as this will need some time to set and solidify. Break up the chocolate and pop into a bowl with the butter. Pop the cream into a saucepan over a medium heat until it starts to come to a boil (you all see little bubble forming around the edges).  Pour the hot milk over the chocolate and butter and whisk together. The chocolate will melt and you will get a really silk and glossy chocolatey mix. Add in the Baileys, you may want to add more depending on your taste! Pop into the fridge and get started on the cupcakes!

Preheat you oven to 180 C / 160 C for a fan oven / gas mark 4. Prep a 12 hole muffin tin with some paper cases. Measure all your ingredients and pop into a large mixing bowl. Mix with an electric hand whisk until all the ingredients are combined and the batter is smooth. This will only work if the butter is soft and at room temperature! Spoon into the paper cakes and bake in for 20 minutes. Pop a metal skewer into the centre of the buns, if it comes out dry they are ready but if a bit of mix is on it keep them in for another few minutes. Pop the buns on a wire rack to cool.

For the buttercream icing pop the butter into a bowl and mix to loosen up, before slowly adding the icing sugar bit by bit until combined and you have a velvety smooth icing. Finally add the Baileys and mix together. (Tip! You may need to cover the bowl with a tea towel as you beat if using an electric whisk, as the icing sugar can fly all over the place – be careful! )

Ok so now you have everything you need and you can assemble the cupcakes! Firstly make a hole in the top of the cupcakes so you can fill it with the chocolate truffle mix. I used the handle of a teaspoon to cut a circle into the top of the cupcake and then used the teaspoon end to dig it out. Fill the hole with a generous spoon of chocolate truffle mix. Repeat for all the cupcakes.

IMG_7091Next top the cupcakes with the delicious Baileys buttercream. I used the Wilton 2D flower nozzle which you can pick up in Lakeland or Amazon. Top with some chocolate sprinkles if you have some to hand. And there you have it, a delicious and decadent treat for Mother’s Day! Or any day really! 🙂


I really hope you try these out! I would love to see some pictures if so, don’t be shy and use the hashtag #bakemystyle. I have another recipe that I have been working on over the weekend so make sure to keep an eye on my Instagram and Facebook accounts. You can also find me on Snapchat, search for Bakemystyle :)

Happy Baking!

M x

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