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If you follow me on snapchat (my username is bakemystyle, check it out! 🙂 ) you may have noticed that I had a super busy day on Tuesday prepping for a dinner party. I’m part of a Come Dine With Me group with some friends from work and Tuesday was the first night of a new round of dinners.

This time the theme was healthy, which is a bit of a challenge for me as I have such a sweet tooth! I think its fair to say that I achieved ‘healthier than usual’ rather than full on ‘healthy’, but I guess that is progress!

You may recall a previous post detailing the Christmas Tasting Event that I attended which was hosted by my food hero Darina Allen. There I tasted a delicious smoked salmon starter which I felt would fit in well with the healthy theme and be a great start to the meal! This dish consisted of smoked salmon cubes (I only had slices so I layered them up and cut them into cubes that way), quails eggs, avocado and pickled cucumber and onion, as well as 2 little spoons of homemade mayonnaise (so easy to make!) I added a few sprigs of dill and water cress as the finishing touch. It’s also the perfect dish for a dinner party as the elements can be prepared in advance and assembled on the night.

sea bass and cherry tomatoes

For the main course I served baked sea bass, served with salsa verde, asparagus, pan-fried potato cubes and roasted cherry tomatoes. I was going to buy prepared sea bass fillets but last-minute I decided to go for the whole fish. Luckily it was gutted already so I just had to descale it, take the fins off (not before being stabbed by one – owie!!!) and cut the gills out… I did not know that fish have tongues!! It was all a bit icky and bloody but I’m glad I gave it a shot! I lined a roasting tray with some sliced lemons and placed the fish on top before stuffing the middle of the fish with a few more slices of lemon. Then I rubbed the skin with some olive oil and seasoned it with sea-salt and freshly ground black pepper before popping into the oven which was preheated at 210°C  for half an hour (I have a fan oven, 230°C for a regular oven) After 15 minutes I popped in the cherry tomatoes to roast with the fish. I served the fish with salsa verde, I used a Nigel Stater recipe which worked really well with the fish as its quite a tangy sauce. Also before I forget, apologies for the quality of the photography, they were just really quick snaps in between courses!

sea bass main course

For dessert I served Mango Fool topped with passion fruit. Again this is something that can be made in advance so it’s quite handy. Now originally I was planning to be totally healthy and make the fool with just greek yogurt but I couldn’t help adding in some cream too…but I reckon there was plenty of fruit still in there so it still probably counted as 1 of your 5 a day! I kind of made up the recipe as I went along so I’m not exactly sure what the quantities of each ingredient were, I’ll make it again and write everything down a I go and share the recipe with you soon 🙂

Mango Fool topped with passion fruit

The next host is Kate so I’m really looking forward to her dinner next week! I’m also out for dinner on Monday at the Clodagh McKenna pop up in Selfridges so keep an eye on my Instagram and snapchat for pictures 🙂


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