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Blackberry Bun Cakes

The idea for this recipe came to me one afternoon at Ballymaloe. I was wearing my black velvet and gold sequinned cardigan and before I knew it I was jotting down some notes and sketches inspired by this combination. If you are lucky you might have some blackberries growing on the bushes near where you live! Blackberry Bun Cakes Makes 12 100g unsalted butter, softened …

The Colour Palette Cake

  So here is my second Bake My Style post – a little later than planned! I kinda need to actually start baking on a more regular basis for this project if I want to make it work! I hope you have been keeping uptodate with Bake MyStyle on Instagram (@redvelvetblog and @bakemystyle) Do click on and say hello! 🙂