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Lunch At Borough Market

Hiya! Hope you are settling back to life after all the Christmas excitement! I’m so happy it is finally the weekend, the first week back to work is always so long after some time off! As we had an afternoon meeting near Borough Market we decided to stop by for some lunch as a treat. There are so many stalls with all types of delicious …

Sweet & Cinnamony Yorkshire Puddings

You may recall I visited York last month and it was such a lovely trip. I wanted to create a recipe inspired by the visit so here it is at last! I absolutely adore yorkshire puddings but as I have quite a sweet tooth I wanted to use them in a dessert for this recipe. When I visited the famous Bettys tearooms in York, I had …

Speculoos Macarons

So have you ever been out for tea or coffee in a hotel and received a delicious individually wrapped Bewleys Caramelised on the saucer?  These biscuits, also known as speculoos biscuits, are delicious, if my mom gets one she keeps it aside for me as she knows how much I love them!