Ballymaloe Cookery School – Week 5

Week 5 at Ballymaloe Cookery School started a little differently than usual as we were off on the Monday to recover from all of the fun of Lit Fest – more on that in a separate post! After a stroll around the farm I finally got an opportunity to check out the shell house. Oh my goodness, it was so beautiful! As the name suggests, the interior walls are covered in seashells in a number of different patterns and arrangements. It’s a really peaceful and reflective environment and I spent half an hour or so just sitting and taking in all the amazing details of this incredible space.
Back in the kitchen it was a very positive week – I was back in familiar ground in kitchen 3. I got to make chilli con carne, choux pastry, fresh pasta and Bakewell tart and despite a few hic cups with some dishes, overall I was happy with how everything came out! I also began my sourdough starter so I’m excited to make that in a week or so!
If you have been following on snapchat you will know that there were some great demos this week. We had a special treat Tuesday when David Tanis, former head chef at Chez Panisse, visited the school as a guest lecturer. We also had an afternoon tea demonstration on Wednesday afternoon which I loved! There were so many delicious cakes and treats to try in the tasting afterwards. On Thursday we learned all about steak with Rachel and although I’m not a fan it was interesting to learn about the different cuts of meat and cooking methods. Finally on Friday we went on a seafood safari with Rory! I tasted oysters for the first time, the texture wasn’t to my liking although I enjoyed the taste! Week 6 marks the half way point, we also have exams so it will a week spent studying the various herbs and salad leaves that we have encountered since we arrived!

Here are some pictures from week 5…

Ballymaloe cookery school shell houseShell house detail

imageA stroll through the buttercup filled meadow

Chilli con carne

Chilli Con Carne

imageDarina with guest chef David Tanis

imageA stroll on Shanagarry beach

Salads in the glasshouse

Salads in the glasshouse

imageWine tasting Wednesday’s always guarantee a smile!

imageSome of the treats from the afternoon tea demo

Cherry Cake

Cherry Cake

imageA wonderful selection of cakes

imageChoux pastry piping practice

imageCaramel Salambros with a candied peel star

imageStill practicing my white soda bread – some days it’s better than others!!

imageBakewell tart with short crust stars and flaked almonds

imagePat and Rachel showing is the different cuts of beef in the steak demo

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