Ballymaloe Cookery School – Week 4

It’s fair to say that week 4 at Ballymaloe Cookery School was particularly full on in what is already a fairly intense experience! Some highlights include the  irresistible breakfast demo on Monday afternoon – I think most of the students like myself rushed out to buy some fresh eggs in the Ballymaloe School shop after watching that one!
It’s wonderful to see the changes that have been taking place in the glass house since we arrived. The corn that I planted on day 1 os flying up!! The courgettes have grown loads too and the first of the crop was cooked in Friday’s demo.
I also encountered some cute chicks with their mama hen in the yard which was a wonderful moment.
Unfortunately there were also a few shaky moments this week. Just like life outside of the Ballymaloe bubble, there are good days and bad here too. The waterworks went off twice on Thursday due to a mixture of things but it was over boiled potatoes that set me off believe or not!! I ran off to hide in a hedge rather than have anyone see me crying which on reflection was probably far more dramatic and obvious!!
All the blogs I read before starting the course mentioned how intense it was but you don’t realise until you are actually in the midst of it all yourself. It’s amazing and wonderful here certainly, but it’s also very full on, whether you are in the kitchen or in demo trying to take in all the details of the various dishes. I wish I could pause time during lunch break, slowly eat my meal, pop for a power nap and then resume the day again with a fresh mind for the afternoons demo!
Towards the end of week 4 excitement was growing for Ballymaloe Lit Fest and I will share the details of that in a separate post.
Below are some picture from week 4, remember you can follow my Ballymaloe adventures on snapchat and Instagram X


Haddock with bay leaves

Haddock poached in a Bay infused cream sauce


Ballymaloe cookery school lemon meringue

Lemon meringue tartlet (second go at the meringue as the first one burnt!)


Ballymaloe Cookery school eggs

You can beat the eggs from those happy Ballymaloe hens!


Sweet geranium leaves

The sweet geranium leaves that flavored the blackberry and apple jam that I made


Ballymaloe spotted dog

Spotted dog soda bread


Breakfast morning

Muesli that I made on our breakfast morning



My fry up with a sunny side up egg


Ballymaloe glass house

Some produce from the glass house



Darina digs for horseradish



Is it a goose, is it a duck? Who’s knows!


Wild garlic

On herb duty – picking wild garlic in the fruit garden


Candied peel

Candied peel making in progress


Boiled dinner

Bacon and cabbage. On this plate is a mashed potato made with the one spud that I saved from my over boiled batch. Every cloud can have a silver lining!





Ballymaloe Brown Yeast Bread

Ballymaloe Brown Yeast Bread


Francis mallman

Francis Mallman pops in to say hello ahead of his appearence at Ballymaloe Lit fest



The first of the Elderflower appears at Ballymaloe


Supper at Skinny's

The stunning view of Ballycotton from our table at Skinny’s


Janes biscuits

James biscuits – a delicious shortbread biscuit


Ballymaloe cookery school Blackcurrent Fool

Blackcurrent fool served with Jane’s biscuits


Hartwood Eric and Mya

Darina with Eric and Mya of Hartwood restaurant who popped in to say hello ahead of their appearance at Ballymaloe Lit Fest

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