Ballymaloe Cookery School – Week 3

Overall it was another great week at Ballymaloe Cookery School! I can’t believe that week 3 is finished, I know I say this each week but the time really is flying! If you have been following me on snapchat you will already know that the week started off on a high with a shift in the Ballymaloe House kitchen. The team there were so lovely and welcoming and I got to help plate up some of the dishes for Sunday evenings buffet. Afterwards I was very kindly invited to join the Allen’s at their family table in the dining room. It was definitely another ‘pinch me is this actually happening’ moment!
This week I was assigned to the demo kitchen which is a lot quieter than the other kitchens with only 6 students rather than 20! As the name suggests it’s also where out afternoon demos take place each day. Monday wasn’t my best day in the kitchen,bI added too much liquid to my bread and I burnt one of my tarts. The little tartlets came out well so that was something positive!
After demo a group of us made cheese with Tim on Monday evening. Depending on your interests there are lots of extras like this that you can sign up for, not sure that I will become a cheese making enthusiast but it’s great to get the chance to try it at least once!
Tuesday was quite a stressful morning in the kitchen. I added a few extras into my order of work and everything ended up taking longer to do then I had expected. I soon fell behind with the wash up piling up and big saucepans of chutney and jam waiting to be potted. Luckily some of my fellow students kindly gave me a hand to help me catch up!
Wednesday started early with an organic gardening class. I love walking around the glass houses to see all the different things that are growing. The corn that we planted on the first day has really shot up! The rest of the day was spent with Darina’s sister Blathnaid learning about the business side of food. That evening a small group of students went on a mini forage around the garden with Darina. Foraging is something that I definitely want to learn more about, did you know that Daisies and Dandelions are edible?
Thursday was a more successful day in the kitchen, I made a Victoria Sponge Cake, swede topped with caramelized onions, cranberry sauce and most exciting of all my own handmade butter!! We had a dairy demo with Darina in week 2 and I was fascinated by the process so I was delighted to get the chance to give it a go! Shaping the butter is quite relaxing and really easy to do once you get the knack of it! It was a beautiful sunny evening on Thursday, my housemate Suzanne and I spent it planting a raised bed with Tim. We planted peas, broadbeans and different types of lettuce as well as sowing seeds for 3 different varieties of carrots.
Friday was another good day in the kitchen. I made white soda bread, French onion soup, curried chick salad and melted greens. Overall I’m a lot more relaxed in the kitchen now compared to how I felt I the first week (thank goodness!) I’m looking forward to week four, we have a breakfast demo tomorrow evening and will be learning about pancakes and waffles – some of my favorite things to eat! Lit Fest also kicks off next Friday with an opening party in the big shed. You can keep up todate with what’s happening each day on my snapchat and Instagram. Here are some pictures from the week…

Ballymaloe house

Ballymaloe House – A day to remember!


Ballymaloe cookery school happy hens

The hens happily pecking near their Palais des Poulets


Monday dish 1

Monday dish 1 – Roasted Red and Yellow Pepper Salad with Tapenade Toasts


Monday dish 2

Monday Dish 2 – Almond tartlets with Raspberries ( what you don’t see – my burnt tart base, oh dear! I hope the hens enjoyed it!)


A beautiful arrangement of buttercups in the reception

A beautiful arrangement of Buttercups in the reception


Ballymaloe spicy Apple chutney

Spicy Apple Chutney – before cooking!


Greek Moussaka

Tuesday Dish 1 – Greek Moussaka


Tuesday Dish 2 - Traditional Brown Soda Bread. My second attempt was a success!

Tuesday Dish 2 – Traditional Brown Soda Bread. My second attempt was a success!


Tuesday's Spicy Apple Chutney and Raspberry Jam

Tuesday’s Spicy Apple Chutney and Raspberry Jam


Ballymaloe cookery school reception nibbles

Some healthy nibbles in the reception area


Guinea fowl

Rory and a Guinea Fowl


Ballymaloe happy red hen

I met another redhead in the yard


Flowers in the fruit garden

Beautiful flowers in the fruit garden


Corn plants

Wednesday mornings in the glass house – the corn we planted on our first day has grown so much!


Strawberry flower plant

The Strawberry plant flower


Fresh beetroot

Beetroot just out of the ground, as fresh as it gets!


Foraging with Darina

Foraging in the kitchen garden with Darina


Victoria spinge

Thursday Dish 1 – Victoria Sponge Cake decorated with Primroses and Sweet Cecily


Swede with caramelized onions

Thursday Dish 2 – Swede topped with caramelized onions


Cranberry sauce

Thursday Dish 3 – cranberry sauce. Love the colours!


Homemade butter

Thursday Dish 4- Homemade butter


Pea plants

Giving our pea plants some support







Ballymaloe cookery school raised bed

A section of the raised bed that Suzanne and I planted with Tim

Watering plants Happy out watering the plants – gotta much water on myself as I did the plants!

White soda bread

Friday Dish 1 – white soda bread. A more successful attempt then my attempt the previous Friday!

Curried chicken salad

Friday dish 2 – curried chicken salad


French onion soup

Friday dish 3 – French onion soup


Melted greens

Friday Dish 4 – melted greens

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